My leopard print addiction...

For a while now, i’ve been super happy about the return of leopard print. It's everywhere, and I love it.

In true Lauren style, I had decided to go in search of a new leopard print mug, to add to the thousands of others in my cupboards at home. But did I have any luck? Did I bugger. *At this point I want to make the following disclaimer* I have recently been banned from buying any more mugs and cushions, as our house is literally over run with both items. SO. With that in mind, I decided to make my own! I wasn't breaking any rules, I was using my own Thriftbox stock for free mugs, and I can sell them to other leopard print addicts (which in turn keeps me fed). Win/win.

I took all day choosing the right contrasting colours, designing each little leopard print stamp, and working on the fonts that complimented everything else. But I was so happy with the final item! I whacked my name on there, (because who doesn't love a good personalised mug?) uploaded to my Etsy store, claimed it to be a "prototype" so that my other half wouldn't shout at me for adding even more to the mug population in the kitchen, and called it a good day!

If you love leopard print as much as I do, you can find your own personalised mug HERE! I provide a range of different colours for the print and background, and can also amend to show just the initial, or name also :)

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