Oh Baby!

2018 was undoubtedly the weirdest one of my life so far. After a really crappy start to the year, consisting of heartbreak, stress and much turbulence to my home life, I found myself falling for my best friend of seven years. I felt happier than I had done in a very long time, and it was the strangest feeling. This man was my best friend, we knew everything about each other, and in turn, that meant that we were ridiculously close to each other. So when we went on our first date, I knew that I wanted him and nothing else.

Fast forward a few months, and we made the decision to start a family. For those that don't know us, it might seem quite rushed, but for us, it felt right. I had never had that feeling before, and I could never see myself making such a life changing decision so easily. But this one wasn't a hard choice for either of us. Luckily, and quite unexpectedly, we fell pregnant very quickly, and on September 15th, we saw those little positive lines that changed everything.

We decided to keep the pregnancy quiet, until we hit our 12 week scan, and only told our closest few friends. As we had the same circle of friends, it was lovely to see how happy they were for us, as in their words "it made sense". The 10 week point rolled around very slowly, due to constant fatigue and sickness, but one day I woke up to find all first trimester symptoms had disappeared. It was the best day! We had our 12 week scan, and that's when we told our families. As we knew each others family already, it was the loveliest of moments going round and telling each one about our exciting news.

We had already decided that we wanted to know the gender of the baby, as we are both quite impatient (if you can't tell already by this story haha), so decided to book an early gender scan privately with the amazing Miracle Inside in Leeds. That day was one of the most exciting so far of my pregnancy. Not only could I not wait to see them wiggling around (baby would never keep still for scans!), but we were so excited to see who this little person would be. So, on 20th December, we posted the most recent scan photo below to the world, to officially announce that our little girl is due in May!

We can't wait to see what adventures will come in 2019, and everything is so exciting right now. I'm in that stage of wanting to buy all the tiny baby clothes in the world, but my bank account does not seem to like that idea! So for now, I will go about my business, growing this little lady, and planning for all the crazy times to come.

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