Jeff Goldblum Waterslide Nail Decals pack of 40

Jeff Goldblum Waterslide Nail Decals pack of 40


Home of the original Sexy Jeff nails!

Are you like us, and love a bit of the Blum? Well treat yourself or a friend to some fabulous waterslide nail stickers, and show your love!

Comes with 40 decals, ranging in size for all nail types :)

Please follow the below steps for awesome nails:

1. Paint your nails with a base coat (preferably a lighter colour) and leave to dry
2. Cut around the image, as close as possible
3. Use tweezers of fingers to place the image in water, and hold under for 10-20 seconds
3. Stick image face down onto your nail, and the backing paper will slide off
4. Use one or two coats of clear nail polish, to hold in place

To remove the decals, simply use nail polish remover!

Works with standard nail polish and gels also!